SALINATURALS is a group company of Salicylates & Chemicals Pvt Ltd which was founded in 1978 to manufacture parabens & today is one of the largest manufacturers of preservatives for personal care and pharmaceutical applications.

Considering the emerging need in the global market for natural preservatives SALINATURALS was formed to do research on various natural sources, which can be exploited to make natural preservatives. After long research SALINATURAL range of natural preservatives were launched for personal care industry.

SALINATURALS also markets ecocertified SCO2 extracted oils & extracts

The need to control microbial activity is required in two major things of personal care namely, antimicrobial care where the product helps to control the growth of pathogens or kills them & preservatives that retards the growth of micro organisms in personal care product formulation.

In recent years synthetic preservatives which are accepted as effective in controlling microbial growth have come under scientific & regulatory scrutiny for safety & environmental concerns. The increase incidence of resistance to many microorganisms. Leads to looking at various alternatives in natural way. Botanical Extracts are being
explored by researchers as alternate.

A preservative is a chemical that will kill microorganisms or retard/prevent their growth in finished formulations. There are many chances that microorganisms contaminate the product at end user level. It is therefore of prime importance to protect the cosmetic product by suitable preservative system to ensure safety in use & sufficient shelf life.

Factors such as water activity, ph of the formulation, solubility & stability of the preservative in the composition determines preservative efficacy.

The chemical preservatives are common class of chemicals includes acids, aromatic alcohols, halogenated compounds, isothiozolinones,

A number of phytochemicals found in nature resemble these compounds in structure & are natural preservative. These classes of phytochemicals include essential oil containing eugenol, thymol, carvacol, terpenoids etc. Some of these extracts when combined are found to be effective against many microorganisms. Combinations of extracts are found to be comparable in efficacy to conventionally used preservatives like parabens.